Volume Purchasing

Laboratory Optics makes a great reference for all of your researchers and students.  Individuals can purchase it via the iBookstore or Google Play. Purchases of 20 or more licenses can be managed through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program allowing you to deploy it on student’s iOS devices.  Alternatively a site licenses based on IP address can be purchased for use on any connected device with a web browser. 

How it works

Purchase the license that meets your needs - we have annual plans for access by up to 20, up to 50 and an unlimited number of devices at your institution. You'll be given a URL that can be used to access Laboratory Optics from devices connected to the internet through your institution's network with no user IDs or passwords to manage.

Which plan is right for me?

A 20 device license is perfect for a professor wanting to give students in a lab class access to Laboratory Optics. If (on average) each student accesses the site at some point using both a computer and a mobile device then this provides an economical way of providing Laboratory Optics to a class of up to 10 students.

A 50 device license is great for a large research group that wants its researchers to have access to Laboratory Optics. This would allow for access by over two dozen users on both a computer and a mobile device.

The unlimited device license is ideal for institutions and centers that specialize in optics research and wish to allow all of their employees and students the benefit of Laboratory Optics for one low flat price and without the hassle of estimating the expected number of users.

How to purchase

Purchase a subscription online via credit card or paypal account. For other forms of payment please contact us at contact us

For questions please contact sales@laboratoryoptics.com.